Footprint Travel Photography

Footprint Travel Photography is divided into the following sections, representing the different areas of knowledge that you will need:

Preparation This section looks at all of the equipment issues that you will need to consider before you leave, as well as the information you will require to plan your trip and take the best pictures.

Exploration This section explains how to travel with your camera, including keeping your equipment safe and how to survive on the road.

Execution This is the compendium of technical know-how that you will need to understand the craft of photography and to get the most out of your camera: exposure, focus and some of the scary modes, buttons and menu items that might confuse and bemuse you.

Inspiration Photography is not just about the technical stuff: there are different approaches for different types of photography and for different environments. This section should make you want to dig out your passport and hit the road. As a further incentive, there are inspirational images throughout the book, which illustrate certain key aspects of travel photography.

Correction There are so many things that can be done on a computer to enhance your digital images and, if you decide to shoot in RAW format, all of your images will have to be post-processed in some way. Most of these enhancements will also be relevant to film photographers who scan their work.

Profession There are a number of ways of making money out of your photography, from competitions and print sales through to being a fully fledged professional.This section gives you a few tips of the trade.


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“The author is a great travel photographer, and this book is loaded with beautiful images... [He] writes in a very conversational style and gives lots of detail without getting over techie or trying to sound like he’s smarter than you. (He’s smarter than me, but he doesn’t rub it in your face.)”

Scott Kelby, Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User Magazine

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Photoshop Insider Scott Kelby on Footprint Travel Photography

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